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Sourcing operating model

Our customer pledge for affordable prices is something we value very highly at Tokmanni. Our aim is to offer seven of ten products in our stores at lower than market average prices. This is reached through skilled purchasing, an efficient nationwide store network and cost-efficient centralized operations.
Our customers appreciate our wide range and diverse product assortment. All our stores offer everyday goods and selected groceries, such as cosmetics, toiletries and detergents, clothing, household items and non-perishable food. The product assortment increases according to the store size, and larger stores also offer a broader selection of leisure goods, tools and equipment, consumer electronics, gardening products and home textiles. We also offer seasonal products with focus mainly on Christmas, Easter, MayDay, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.
Private Labels and product stock lots
Tokmanni has an interest to source large scale quantities of suppliers own brands and to develop a continuously available assortment of our Private Label products. Private Label products are purchased directly from the source of supply and adjusted to meet the requirements of the Finnish market.
Please find below some examples of our Private Labels:
IISI is for household detergents, personal care and home care and disposable kitchen products and cleaning wipes.
KOTIKULTA is for home decoration and candles.
ENERGY+ is for general home electronics.
AUTOPLUS for car accessories.

PRIIMA is for food products.
FUTURE TT SPORTSWEAR is a clothing brand mainly for leisure outdoor clothing.